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Nyuki Hair Products

Purify&Moisture Bundle

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Cleansing Bar with an Oatmeal and Goat's Milk base soft yet gentle for all skin types. Targets scalp and skin concerns such as texture, blemishes, normal to severe dry/flaky scalp with active ingredients Zinc Oxide and Tumeric, the dynamic duo for sensitive scalp and skin health.

Ingredients Coconuut oil, Palm oil, Safflower, Glycerine, Purified water, Oatmeal, Goats milk, Sodium hydroxide, Zinc oxide, Grapeseed fruit extract, Witch hazel, Tumeric, Jasmine oil, Eucalyptus oil.

Unscented Moisture Bar with an Oatmeal and Goat's Milk base soft yet gentle for all skin types. Maintaining moisture in scalp and skin with dried herbs.

Ingredients Coconut oil, Palm oil, Safflower oil, Glycerine, Purified water, Oatmeal, Goat's milk, Sodium hydroxide   (Herbs | avarampoo, valampuri, edampuri, kadukkai, khus khus, velankuchi ver, rose petal, athimaducam, pulankilangu, karuveppila)

Hair | Skin | Body Oil enriched with Walnut oil a great source of Omega-3 fatty acid treating normal to severe dry/ flaky scalp. Aloe Vera and Grape seed oil as an active ingredients  hydrating skin and scalp, preventing dandruff while promoting smooth, even skin tone.

Ingredients Walnut oil, Tamunu oil, Aloe Vera oil, Jamaican Castor oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Orange blossom oil


5 oz Cleansing Bar

5 oz Moisture Bar

2 oz Hair | Body | Skin OIl


Polyester, Spandex

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True to size.

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water, Hang dry only.

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